ERS' Big Electric Classic Debate

There has been much hype recently with the booming electric car market and recently we’re starting to see more and more electric conversions; with iconic brands taking petrol engines out and replacing them with greener electric motors. Get involved and have your say below - Is it better to go greener and cleaner, or should classics with the smell of petrol be left alone?


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ERS' Big Electric Classic Debate LIVE at The London Classic Car Show 2019

We gathered an incredible panel of experts together to debate the big questions at this year's London Classic Car Show.  The entertaining, thought-provoking and often heated discussions were watched by hundreds of you, making both sessions among the most well attended events of the weekend. 

The Panel


Jonny Smith

TV Presenter


Joe Macari

Ferrari Specialist


Richard Morgan

Founder, Electric Classic Cars


Tom Donachie

ERS Specialist


Edd China

TV Presenter


Paul Hudson

Motoring Editor, The Telegraph


Raphaël Caillé

Managing Director, Swindon Powertrain


Tiff Needell

TV Presenter


Mike Fernie

Content Editor, DriveTribe


Alan Bradbury

ERS Specialist


1 in 5 back electrifying classics

Only 19% of respondents agree that classic cars should be electrified, in comparison to 43% of those who disagree that classic cars should be electrified.

"Electric classics will undoubtedly split enthusiasts down the centre, with one half giving them a modern day thumbs up, and the other ‘I’ve got a proper Mini’ camp throwing the metaphorical Jerry Can and matches in their opulent direction.”

Dave, Classic Car Curation.



4 in 5 classic car owners say NO to electrification

80% of respondents who own, or have previously owned, a classic car do not support their electrification.