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EVolving Specialist Motor Insurance

EV sales in the UK are rising rapidly and by 2030, all new vehicles will be Electric. Our expert teams at ERS are here to help you grow your business, with the shift to Specialist EV Motors.

Speaking to Fully Charged, we discuss what changes are happening in the motoring industry and what it means for brokers and policyholders.

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An introduction to
Specialist EV insurance

Martin Hall, Active Underwriter at ERS, shares his thoughts on the growing demand for Specialist EV's in the market and what this means for Specialist insurers


Giving Classics a
new lease of life

Alan Bradbury, Senior Enthusiast Underwriter, speaks to Robert Llewellyn about the rise of Classic EV conversions and how our specialist team of underwriters can help

An evolving motor
breakdown market

Dave Burnet, Motor Breakdown Product Manager and Ben Johnson, Roadside Recovery Specialist, discuss the changing motor breakdown market with the emergence of EVs


Electrifying supercars
and prestige EVs

Sam Prever, Regional Trading Underwriter at ERS, talks about the prestige EV market and what it means for insuring High Net Worth clients

Commercial vehicles make the shift to electric

Mitul Malkan, Commercial Product Manager, discusses the Commercial market switching to EV, and the importance of businesses having the right specialist motor insurance



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Specialist electric vehicles need the specialist motor insurer.


 EV motors now account for 14% of the UK motor market. With more and more car manufacturers, energy suppliers, fuel stations and government schemes supporting the ‘greener-cleaner’ shift.

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As the UK’s leading Specialist Motor Insurer, our dedicated team are here to offer you the right A+ rated cover and expert advice for Specialist EV motors.

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We provide EV policies backed up by historic data, so you can be confident in joining us on the Specialist EV journey as we continue to take on risks others shy away from…

Learn more about our specialist electric vehicle appetites and cover



The High Net Worth motor world is evolving. Some of the most powerful cars with the latest innovative design and technology are now electric. Our team of experts can provide A+ rated cover for vehicles including Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQC and Tesla Model X.

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Many businesses are starting to take advantage of the benefits electric vehicles provide. From Specialist catering vehicles such as ice cream vans and retro food vans to electric Tuk Tuks, our expert Commercial team are here to support our brokers along the specialist EV journey.

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From a Classic Mini to an Austin Healey or even a Classic Ferrari, EV opens a whole new world for the classic car market, as a new type of ‘conversion enthusiast’ enters and gives old cars a new lease of life.

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Our expert Motor Breakdown team know all there is to know about recovering Specialist EV vehicles. With so much more to consider in the world of electric vehicles, it’s important to have the right breakdown cover just in case the worst should happen.

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From small tractors to diggers, we’re starting to see EV in the Agricultural space. EV vehicles come with many benefits such as low emissions, CSR and reliability. This means that more and more businesses are starting to get on board with electric vehicles.

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More and more businesses are embracing electric vehicles for their motor fleets. From standard EV models to luxury Tesla’s or fully electric taxis, our specialist Fleet offering supported by our expert underwriters will provide cover that’s right for them.

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We’re seeing electric taxis launching in cities nationwide, which is why we’ve taken the time to look under the hood and develop an insurance product that’s truly fitting for this transformational taxi.

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